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To accompany the MCN Helmet Guide, free with the April 15 issue of MCN, here MCN staff give the lowdown on the best helmets they’ve ever worn.

The free 16-page 2009 Helmet Buying Guide is packed with tech details, SHARP ratings and your opinions. Find out which lids were voted most comfortable, quietest and best value by MCN readers.

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Suomy Extreme

Suomy Extreme
Liam Marsden, web producer 
"The top of the range Suomy is extremely well built and as light as a feather. The chin vent works extremely well and the clear anti-fog visor does exactly as it says on the tin - the first anti-fog visor I have used that doesn't fog up."


Shoei Multitec

Shoei Multitec
Mykel Nicolaou, staff photographer
"The best lid I've used is the Shoei Multitec flip uplid. It is ideal – the flip-up option offers the best of both worlds especially on long touring rides. I've  enjoyed the quality of the lid & although a little loud, I use earplugs so that's not an issue. I'm onto my third shoei fliplid after using the previous Syncrotec model."


Arai Astro-R

Arai Astro-R
Rupert Paul, executive editor
"No contest. Arai Astro R. I've had Arais for 20 years. They are beautiful quality, easy to maintain in good condition for several years, and supremely comfortable. I wouldn't wear anything else on the road or track."


Arai SZ/F

Arai SZ/F
Simon Relph, senior designer
"The majority of my riding is commuting 24 miles in and out of London. I make this journey throughout the year, rain or shine so visibility is very important and the Arai SZ/f offers the best on the market. In the depths of winter it gives good protection from the weather and superb venting on those hot summers days. Very comfortable wand washable - highly recommended."


Shoei Z-One

Shoei Z-One
Guy Procter, senior editor
"The best lid I've owned so far was a Shoei Z-One James Haydon rep (£300). That paintjob said everything I hoped would be true of my riding (fast and exciting) and, if it came to it, my crashing (spectacular but rarely injurious). I never turned into such a stylish and lairy rider, and crashing was unspectacular and painful. Loved the easy fit of the all-external visor and it felt rock solid, though."


Arai Quantum

Arai Quantum F
Simon Brown, production editor
"Now long discontinued. It was my first premium brand helmet and I was amazed at the quality feel. Gorgeous lining, decent ventilation and peripheral vision that was far better than my previous helmets. I even managed to get to grips with the visor change – it was before Arai fitted the handy levers. Oh, and it was plain black which looked cool with the naked Kawasaki I was riding.

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