Helmet review: Arai GP-5x

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What’s good? The styling, the immense comfort, the sense of not looking like everyone else, and the fact that you look like you could make the transition from motorcyclist to American football just by slinging on a different shirt.

This helmet was put out of commission after sustaining a sizeable knock. I wish Arai still made them.

What’s not good: The incredibly  tricky visor release system. Being used to Arai’s legendary quick-release race visor system, switching from clear to dark visor on the GP-5x is a chore.

You need to carry a tuppence with you, to turn the ratchet!

Contact: www.whyarai.co.uk
Rating: 4 stars
Arai GP-5x helmet
Cost: £349.99
Still available: No, discontinued.
Used for: Two years.

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott