Kit review: Ferrari Rosso helmet

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Product: Ferrari Rosso helmet, £179.99 (£161.99 on MCN Shop)
Miles covered/time: 2000/one year
What’s good? If you’re prepared to accept the risk of having an exposed chin, open-face helmets make sense for town riding, and this one is a thing of beauty. The visor is big enough to stop rogue bits of dust getting in your eyes and the chin strap has a neat and easy-to-use fastening mechanism. It’s handmade under licence by Italian firm New Max, which also produces Momo and Moschino lids.
What’s not? There’s a reason why I’ve only worn it for about 2000 miles in a year. The shell is too round for my oval head. Uncomfortable pressure points at the front and back of my head make themselves known after about 40 minutes’ riding. A larger size would leave too much space at the sides. Like many open-face helmets it doesn’t look as cool on as it does off, but that’s probably down to my hideous visage.
Rating: 3/5 

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell