Helmet review: AGV GP-Tech

AGV GP-Tech, £479.99
Miles covered/time:
2000/one year

What’s good? The helmet that Rossi built is one of the most luxurious and lightest lids on the market and wearing it makes me feel like I’m reclining in a velvet lounge being tended to by hot waitresses.

After years of wearing Arais I’d say this AGV is every bit as comfortable. In fact, in all areas it’s just as good to wear as a top-end Arai, with a ‘science fiction’ shell shape, good ventilation and vents that can be used with a gloved hand.

The visor is easy to replace and there’s a million colour combinations to choose from.

All in all it’s a very serious player at the top end of the market and a helmet that any head would luxuriate in wearing.

What’s not? The sizes come up a bit smaller, and it feels like it’s going to pull your brain out as the bottom of the lid fits to tightly to stop wind noise.

Contact: www.agv.com
Rating: 4/5