Helmet review: AGV S4

AGV S4 Helmet, £129.99
Miles covered/time:
7000/nine months

What’s good? Pretty much everything. It’s lightweight, well ventilated and the design is absolutely eye-grabbing. The lining is supportive, comfy, hasn’t become at all baggy in nine months of riding and it’s removable, too.

Best of all it’s extremely quiet and you can easily listen to an MP3 player on extended motorway blasts. Being AGV you can rest assured it’ll be safe in a crash too.

What’s not? Erm, if you wanted to spend more money you could get an extremely lightweight racing helmet, but the increased ventilation would mean more wind roar for road riding.

The S4 is a perfect blend of sports and tourer performance and as the S4 SV has now superseded it, you’ll probably see prices falling, making it an excellent bargain.

Contact: www.agv.com
Rating: 5/5