BMW system 6 helmet

I bought the BMW system 6 helmet just over a week ago as I commute to work just over a 140 miles per day And due to "global warming" it hasn't stopped raining since buying this lid!

Didn't start too well, bought it Saturday and took it back Monday because the visor was leaking top centre with an annoying drip like chinese torture.

Anyway BMW dealer Coopers of Tunbridge Wells exchanged for another and admitted there had been others that had leaked.

Took second lid back by Thursday - still not a week old for both lids and another leak in the same place, which was again replaced with another.

This time with the promise of a full refund if this helmet has the same problem. So no complaints with the dealer then, which is good.

Anyway after getting the third lid the heavens opened with biblical proportions for the remainder of my journey home, some 30 miles and not a drop got in, result.

I like this lid its quite comfortable after a couple days anyway, and the flip up front and integral visor I'm looking forward to using when the weather breaks.

But the issue of a leaking visor on the first 2 helmets is a bit salty for what should be a quality product, it does however have a 2 year warranty and the dealer have been very apologetic, so only time will tell.

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Tony Pammen

Reader's article

By Tony Pammen