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Shark Yellow Visor £49.99
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What is good? I’ve seen loads of people wearing yellow visors, especially on the continent but thought they were more of a gimmick, but I was wrong.

The yellow visor from Shark makes a huge difference; I’m hooked and have ridden the most of winter with one.

It makes everything appear brighter, you can spot standing water more effectively in heavy rain, and in half damp half dry conditions you can spot damp patches.

What is not? You can’t ride in the sun as it’s too bright, up to a point where it’s almost blinding, therefore you always need a spare clear or black visor with you at all times.

But thankfully it only takes ten second to change visors with Shark helmets.

Rating: 4/5

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Adam Child

By Adam Child

Former MCN Road Tester with 15 years road testing experience on all kinds of bikes