Helmet review: Shoei X-Spirit II

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Shoei X-Spirit II, £480
Miles covered/time: Five months/2500 miles

What’s good? The new version of Shoei’s flagship model is thankfully just as comfortable as the previous model, and that the vents work much better.

This is especially true of the chin vent, which, now massively chunkier, is much easier to use with your gloves on, whether big and bulky winter mitts or thinner sports gloves.

The vents also blast a lot more air in than before. The increased visor aperture is a revelation, giving wider peripheral vision and allowing me to see more in a racing crouch, too.

The slots in the lining for my spectacle arms also seem better positioned than before, keeping my glasses firmly in place, and doing away with the need to buy Denis Taylor specs for proper sporty riding.

The excellent Pinlock visor means there’s been zero misting, even on the coldest of morning rides – a massive boon for us spectacle wearers, who can often suffer our own particular brand of double-glazed misting.

What’s not? Those vents can add their very own windchill to your face in the depths of winter, so it’s best to keep them closed if you can. Beyond that, this lid has been faultless.

Contact: www.feridax.com
Rating: 5/5

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott