Lazer Monaco carbon-fibre flip-up helmet

Lazer Monaco flip-up, £324.95

Miles covered/time: 800/two months

What’s good: Made from carbon-fibre, this helmet feels incredibly light. Lazer claim 1350g, which makes it substantially lighter than the 1500g Shoei Qwest I normally favour. The flip-up mechanism is easy to use; just press a button on the underside of the chinbar and up she goes – which saves taking my helmet off at petrol stations and the like. The Monaco is very comfortable, too. But better than all that is the photochromatic visor which changes tint depending on the light conditions and saves you from switching from clear to tinted (especially useful this time of year when you can ride to work in the morning straight into squint-inducing low-angle sun and then it’s dark when you head home). The tint changes fairly quickly, I had no problem tackling the Dartford Tunnel.

What’s not: I’m not a huge fan of the micrometric strap fastening. Yes it’s easy to use and you can undo it with one hand, but somehow it doesn’t feel as secure as a double D-ring. Also, you never quite know whether you are looking cool or not; in bright conditions you can be riding along in a dark tinted visor looking all Power Ranger and then all it takes is a few clouds and you go clear again. Worth bearing in mind if you are riding past the local lovelies.


Rating: 4/5