Shark Vision-R helmet

Shark Vision-R helmet, £239.99
Miles covered/time:
Two months/2000 miles

What’s good: Shark’s Vision-R is very hard to fault. It’s well built and exudes a premium feel, with a solid visor mechanism that effectively seals, keeping out the rain and blocking any drafts, plus a plush, removable lining.

The stand-out feature is the enlarged visor aperture (hence the ‘Vision-R’ name), which provides a large field of vision both horizontally and vertically, making it easier to check blind spots and keep an eye on traffic.

With the low winter sun and darkness descending ever earlier, the drop-down internal ‘Top Gun’-style tinted visor is invaluable, providing relief from being dazzled at the twist of a conveniently placed lever (on the left-hand visor pod), without the need to carry a spare visor when the light fades.

Wind noise is tolerable at legal-ish speeds without earplugs and pleasingly quiet with.

The quick-release chinstrap mechanism is quick and simple to use, with the benefit over seatbelt style quick-release mechanisms being that it is securely adjusted each time you fasten it.

What’s not: The only issue I’ve had with the Vision-R was getting the sizing right, with the large being a little loose and the medium initially being a bit tight, to the extent that my ears were at risk of being separated from my head.

Just over two thousand miles later and the helmet has bedded in nicely, with a really snug, secure and comfortable fit.

Rating: 5/5