Helmet review: Brembo B-Jet

Brembo B-Jet helmet, 348 Euros (£295)
Time owned/miles covered:
Two months/470 miles

What’s good: It looks like a spaceman’s helmet. The huge visor aperture provides excellent field of vision and the Automatic Fit Belt system means there’s no messing about with double-D ring fastening systems.

This could be a brilliant summer helmet – it provides the cooling breeze of an open face lid with much of the security of a full face helmet.

What’s not: The visor doesn’t seal properly – I can wiggle it from side to side when it’s shut - and the small tab makes it difficult to open with gloves on.

While the Automatic Fit Belt system is a doddle to use, I’m not overly confident in how secure it is, and if I just press the button it never fastens as tight as I’d like – I always have to pull it on one or two more clicks manually.

If I don’t put the helmet on just right then it hurts my forehead quite a bit.

Though this is a full face helmet I’m not sure how it would perform in a crash, the chin bar is very thin and I can flex it with my hand without exerting too much pressure.

Contact: www.newmax.it
Rating: 2/5