Product review: Tucano Urbano throat collar

Tucano Urbano throat collar, £29
Time owned:
Two months

What’s good: Balaclavas can be itchy and irritating and are insufferable if you get the sneezes. This alternative promises protection from the wind and wet without smothering your face. It attaches to your helmet with sticky Velcro patches so you only have to put one thing on your head instead of two, just like in summer.

What’s not: It comes in one size only and it wasn’t big enough for my large AGV helmet. As a result there was always a gap at the back where two Velcro fasteners wouldn’t quite meet. Worse than that, it didn’t seem to work. At 70mph, if my chin was any warmer than with nothing to protect it, I couldn’t tell. And it makes putting your helmet on awkward. Maybe it would make sense for a pizza deliverer but not for my motorway commute. It’s well enough made. It just doesn’t seem to have the desired effect. And even if it did, you’d still look like an idiot in a diving bell.

Rating: 2/5