HelmetLok, £12.45

Time used: Six months

What’s good: HelmetLok is a carabiner designed to attach your helmet to your handlebars. Open it up, slip it through your D-ring, click it shut and twizzle the combination lock away from your pre-set code. Leave helmet secure in the knowledge that opportunistic thieves can’t grab your lid and run. It’s off-putting enough to send 95% of soulless scrotes looking for a free helmet onto an easier target.

What’s not: HelmetLok is the Maginot Line of motorcycle security. It looks all right and will deter a disinterested assault, but even a casual thief could find a way around it. A screwdriver and hammer, a chisel, bolt cutters or simply cutting your D-ring strap would render it useless. It’s cheap and lightweight, but if you really care about helmet security a steel mesh bag or a bicycle D-lock through the chin bar is a better bet.

Contact: www.helmetlok.com

Rating: 2/5

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