HJC RPHA-10 helmet

HJC RPHA-10 helmet, £249.99 (£229.99 on MCN shop)

Steve Farrell

Miles covered/time: 3000/three months

What's good: For me, the best thing is the fit. I’m sure I’m not alone in having an oval-shaped head. Many helmets which initially seem to fit cause an agonising pressure point on my forehead after an hour of wearing. The HJC RPHA-10, though, fits perfectly.

I also have large ears (am I building an attractive mental picture?) that usually get folded when I put a helmet on and need poking back into place. But with this lid, possibly due to a larger cavity around the ear area, they flap back of their own accord. The visor has an easy-to-use release mechanism and well-designed catch to lock it in the down position. The helmet is well-styled, lightweight and worn by MotoGP’s Ben Spies (in a more exuberant colour scheme).

What’s not: It got three out of five stars in government Sharp helmet tests, scoring poorly for side impact. This and the aforementioned ear space may not be coincidence. 

Contact: www.oxprod.com

Rating: 3/5