Helmet review: Shoei XR1000

Shoei XR1000 (superseded by the XR1100, from £329.99)
Miles covered/time:
4500/4 years (didn’t ride for 2 of these years)

What’s good: This is the second Shoei that I’ve owned and, as with the first, it suits my head shape and fits well.

While the padding was initially a bit snug and when removing the lid I felt like my temples where going to have un-desirable carpet burn-like marks on them, it didn’t take many miles for the lining to bed in.

The vents are great in the hotter weather – I toured Spain for a fortnight during the summer of 2008 and whilst I got a bit sweaty never really overheated.

Visor changing is a doddle; with some lids it’s really complicated and fiddly to switch from clear to dark visor, but not so with the XR1000.

There’s a little lever that’s pulled at each side and hey presto, the visor is off, reverse the process and the replacement visor is fitted. Motorcycle helmets for sale. I like the simple graphics, too; I’m not into garish designs so the muted colours on this one suit me just fine.

What’s not: Of late I’ve started to have a few fogging issues, this is down to the fact the Pinlock anti-fogging visor insert is getting old and the seal isn’t so good.

Contact: www.feridax.com
Verdict: 4/5

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