Helmet review: Arai RX-7 GP

Arai RX-7 GP. £649.99
Time used:
Three years

What’s good: This is my everyday lid – the classic white with a black visor combo. I save my Rich Art painted Arai for road testing duties, but this is what I use the rest of the time for commuting, long bike trips and so far, three 3000-mile European holidays.

The quality of the shell, vents, paintwork, visor mechanism and interior are first class – it’s a work of art. Motorcycle helmets for sale. It’s supremely comfortable, well vented for racing and riding in the summer and having crashed in Arais a number of times, I know it’s as safe as houses.

I’ve worn Arai helmets since I saved up to afford my first ever F1 Scwhantz replica in 1988, which was my prized posession. Yes, they’re expensive, but they’re worth every single penny.

What’s not: Thanks to the strength of the Japanese Yen, the price has crept up over the years, so it’s expensive.

Contact: www.whyarai.co.uk
Rating: 5/5

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