Umbro Sports Sock

Umbro Sports Sock, £4.99 for 10 pairs

Miles covered/time:
3000/five months (plus about three years of normal wear)

What’s good: Yes, it’s a grubby old white sports sock, not the most fashionable item on the planet and not one you’d naturally associate with biking but I’ve found it’s ideal for stowing my spare visor. With the weather being so changeable this year - gloriously sunny one moment, hammering it down the next - I’ve found I’m forever swapping from my tinted to clear visor and back again. Keeping the spare visor stowed in a well-worn sports sock, either tucked in the storage compartment on the NC700 or in my rucksack when travelling on my Ducati Monster, I’ve not been caught out once.

What’s not: There really is nothing bad to say about my old sock, it’s cheap, easy to keep clean (provided it’s washed in a white load) and will last for years.


Verdict: 5/5

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