Helmet review: Arai Tour-X3

Arai Tour-X3, £354.99 (£299 on MCN Shop; superseded by Arai Tour-X4)
Miles covered/time:
3500/one year

What’s good: It’s an off- and on-road lid in one.  Detach the peak and you have a normal helmet for the road. Put it back on and it’s an off-road/adventure lid with a visor.

The Arai name gives you a certain confidence in the level of protection afforded in either setting.  A quality lining and finish make it a nice thing to put your head in.

What’s not: Swapping visors isn’t as easy as with other helmets in the range. Visors just snap into place on Arai’s dedicated road lids. On this one you have to undo four plastic bolts using a coin, a fiddly process at the roadside in the gathering dusk.

The same applies to removing and reattaching the peak. Also, with the peak removed, it looks slightly odd because the chin bar appears to protrude like a beak. Imagine a normal road helmet but for Donald Duck.  

Contact: whyarai.co.uk
Rating: 3/5