Helmet review: Scorpion VX15 Air

Scorpion VX15 Air, £119.99
Miles covered/time:
400/five months

What's good? This is the first off-road helmet I’ve owned and so far it’s proven to be excellent. The lining wicks moisture away easily – essential for off-road riding – and the large vents keep you cool.

I’ve started wearing it on the road on hot days as it does an excellent job of keeping your head lovely and cool.

It’s very comfy, and the Helmet Pump system means you can pump up the cheek pads to maximise the fit of the helmet. I was a little sceptical at first, but it just makes the helmet feel more secure.

The aperture is more than big enough for off-road goggles and I’m able to wear my glasses comfortably, without the stems being pushed against my head or the back of my ears.

It’s extremely light, which helps on long days of tough off-roading. If Scorpion helmets are good enough for Dakar winner Marc Coma then they’re certainly good enough for me.

What's not? The chinstrap is positioned a little far back for my liking, meaning at first it feels a little like it could choke you, but once on the move I soon forget about it.

Contact: www.tranam.co.uk
Rating: 4/5