Helmet Review: Schuberth SR1 crash helmet

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Schuberth SR1 crash helmet, £529.00 (plain), £599.99 to £649.99 (colours)

Time tested: 1500 miles/five weeks

What's good? Day one was horrible. Ten miles and a stabbing headache behind my ears signalled an early end, but day two was better, day three a breeze and now, after a five weeks and 1500 miles, I'm relatively happy inside the SR1 and still on an upward curve.

With a helmet this highly spec'd and expensive it's easy to get distracted by its who's who of glamorous features like NRS (Noise Reduction System), which allows you to tune peripheral noise levels for, say, town riding, and the D-Force spoiler, an adjustable flap that optimises the SR’s stability and aero efficiency depending on your riding position. But for the first month or so it's the basics that have made the biggest impression.

First, the optical clarity of the visor is stunning: my road's gone HD. Second, the venting is instantaneously effective. Glove-friendly slides open two large diameter ports that angle fast-moving fresh air across and down the back of your scalp before venting through always-open exhaust ducts. It's superb. Extra soft padding in the temple area allows spectacles to slide unmolested onto ears and fit is race-snug, creating an indoors environment that keeps wind noise low (at a claimed 88dB). There's no water ingress when it's tipping it down and no insect invasions either.

What's not? I'm still in the foothills with this lid. There's much to test and learn (the English section of the manual is 42 pages thick). In a full trackday style chin-on-tank tuck I see too much of the upper aperture, while the visor lock is fiddly and takes up too much of my brain capacity to operate. The fit issue is ongoing: I have just installed some alternative ear pads, which may ease the pressure point further. More on this in MCN soon.

Contact: www.headlynz.co.uk

Quality rating: **** (4/5)

Value rating: **** (4/5)

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