Helmet Review: Shark S700S helmet

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Shark S700S helmet £159.99

Tester: Steve Hunt

Time tested: 3500 miles/seven months

What’s good? The last year has been my first as a motorcyclist and the S700S has proved a great all-round helmet that has served me admirably in my early days of riding. A helmet is an intimate piece of equipment, so choice is very much a personal thing - as I need a larger lid the minimal shell size of the S700S and its detailed graphics were a big draw. As were the Pinlock-ready visor and integrated sun shield, which I’ve found essential for early morning  commuting duties when it’s too easy to get caught out by the rapidly rising sun. On longer, faster trips the noise-damping qualities and aerodynamic shape of the S700S have helped to keep the wind-noise to a dull roar. It’s not the quietest or sexiest helmet on the shelves, but it’s a versatile, everyday lid that I’d have no hesitation in recommending.

What’s not? I had to spend extra on the Pinlock visor insert itself and, more frustratingly the chin curtain and nose/breath guard. I can understand the Pinlock insert as an additional cost, but without the chin curtain there would be increased airflow and noise, which turns this from extra to essential. Other helmets for this money come with Pinlock, breathguard and chin curtain included.
Contact: http://www.shark-helmets.com/
Quality rating: 3/5
Value rating: 3/5


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Steve Hunt

By Steve Hunt