Helmet Review: Shark Race-R Pro helmet

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Shark Race-R Pro helmet, £479.99

Tester: Tony Hoare

Time tested: 1000 miles/six months

What’s good? Protection levels are high, with a five-star rating in the Government’s Sharp tests backed by the fact I escaped this accident without a head injury. The trackside medics feared I would, but my MRI scans were clear and my spelling remains fyne. The lid is comfortable enough for short sprint races and well ventilated and the optical class one visor is brilliant for reassurance and a good field of vision.

What’s not? The anti-mist visor was overpowered in intense races or on wet rides and needed assistance from Fog Tech (www.visorvision.co.uk). It was noisy on the road and not well fitted around the base of the lid. This has changed for the far-more-snug 2013 model.

Contact: www.nevis.uk.com 

Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 4/5



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Tony Hoare

By Tony Hoare

Former MCN Consumer Editor