Helmet review: Arai Rebel

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Arai Rebel: £439.99
Time tested: 3900 miles/ six weeks

What’s good? I took ownership of a Rebel helmet five days before I left the UK for a 10-day, 2600-mile trip to Slovenia in deepest winter. I wore it every single day, on one occasion for 24 hours only taking it off for petrol and food (find out why in a future issue). At no point during this epic did my head ache or feel uncomfortable. I was impressed. In essence the helmet is an Arai Quantum in disguise, instead of a generic design the Rebel is specifically aimed and styled towards owners of naked bikes. Arai has added a pull-down chin spoiler and chunky vents to compliment the look. The spoiler and chinbar do a fantastic job of redirecting wind blast away from the neck when in an upright riding position and both the mouth and head vents are easy to open in thick winter gloves. The chin vent has two open positions, one for venting the visor to keep it mist-free and the other for the face to keep you cool on warmer rides. When the vent is open it’s surprising how much air flows through without compromising noise levels. Better still, Arai has fitted its new ‘Facial Contour System’ inside the Rebel – essentially springy cheek pads offering a plush feel and snug, reassuring fit.

What’s not? One could argue that £439.99 is too expensive. But for the looks, fit, feel, total comfort and Arai build quality included… one would be wrong.
Contact: www.whyarai.co.uk.
Rating: 5/5


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Andy Davidson

By Andy Davidson

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