Helmet Review: Shoei GT Air Helmet

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Shoei GT Air Helmet, £469.99

Time tested: 1500 miles/Three months

What’s good? The comfort was great at first, with a snug but comfortable fit for rides to and from work. It’s quiet with earplugs in place and the integral visor, something I’ve never had before switching to this helmet, has proved to be useful and the lever to drop the visor is easy to use, even with a gloved hand, as are the air vents. I’ve also been happy with Shoei’s after-sales service after the helmet developed comfort issues (see below)

What’s not? Unfortunately there has been one big problem and it really is quite a concern. When I started using the lid on longer journeys I found I could only tolerate wearing it for about 45 minutes before having to stop to give my head a rest, a problem that hadn’t become apparent when only using it to commute to work. The longer the journey the more painful it became and I resorted to contacting the Shoei Assured customer service team, who are there to help any Shoei customer, to seek their advice. Their first suggestion was to try a thinner comfort lining and because the lid had been worn this replacement cost £39.95. I tried this and it made no difference. The next step was to arrange to meet with a Shoei Assured technician at a local bike shop, another service available to Shoei customers, and he made some minor adjustments to the EPS liner. I immediately went for a 50-mile, one-hour ride and this time the lid remained comfortable for the whole journey rather than becoming painful.

Contact: http://www.shoeiassured.co.uk/ 

Quality Rating: 4/5

Value Rating: 3/5


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