Product Review: Ducati Scrambler helmet (£159)

What’s good about the Ducati Scrambler helmet?

I’ve always thought open-face helmets belonged in the past – can’t beat a visor and chinbar to keep your fizzog in good order should you crunch into the tarmac – but I got this one for October’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in London and have loved wearing it. It’s an utterly different experience from riding full-face, your field of vision is amazing and there’s less wind noise too without the chinbar and visor whipping up turbulence. The helmet is made by Bell and the quality is great, with a plush lining, smart finish and double-D fastening. Slotting the arms of your sunglasses inside is no problem.

And what’s not?

Your head gets hot in warm weathers – which might seem counter-intuitive given that there’s no visor, but there are also no vents to provide a cooling airflow over your bonce. Also, there’s no retaining loop at the back for you to run the goggle strap through, so you worry they might ping off.

Time tested

Two weeks/500 miles


Quality rating


Value rating


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