Product Review: HJC RPHA ST

HJC RPHA ST, £299.99

Tester: Liam Marsden

Time tested: Five months/500 miles

What’s good? I’ve always been against drop-down sun visors, because I think they look naff – which is a totally indefensible argument. Having now used one I realise they’re extremely useful, especially if you’re riding at dawn or dusk. The aperture on this model feels particularly wide, letting in a lot of light and giving a good view of the road ahead and to either side. Both vents, on the chin and top of the helmet, are easy to operate with thick gloves and both circulate plenty of air when open.

What’s not? Despite my HJC R-PHA10 being one of the comfiest lids I’ve ever worn, this ST version puts pressure on my forehead – which is possibly because extra space is needed for the sun visor. Riding 100 miles or more is painful. There’s room for the spectacle stems, which is all well and good, but they’re massive and as a result my specs feel extremely loose while riding. The huge chin curtain prevents any air from leaving the helmet, meaning my glasses and the sun visor fog up almost instantly, but removing the chin curtain at this time of year results in a very cold face.


Quality rating: 2/5

Value rating: 3/5