Product Review: Arai RX-7V

Product Review: Arai RX-7V £599

Tester Richard Newland

Time tested Three months/3000 miles

What’s good?
It’s a long time since Arai released a range-topping RX-7, and the new ‘V’ iteration has made the wait worthwhile. The Japanese firm may not be fans of revolution, but this is a tangible – if subtle – evolution over the outgoing RX7-GP. Put them next to one another and the differences become obvious. Most striking is the lowering of the side-pods and reprofiling of the visor. The latter conspires to give a much-improved field of vision. The new visor lock is a pleasing upgrade, too. Gone is the plastic sliding catch that never quite worked properly, replaced with a substantial gloved-thumb-friendly rocking lock. The vents, too, are better. The fiddly, small, rocking closures are replaced by chunkier sliding vent covers, again improving their use with gloved hands, and their chunkiness also making cleaning easier – especially with the central top vent. The visors have improved Pinlock compatibility, the new quick-release interior will feel familiar to GP owners, while the additional chin curtain won’t. You’ll like it though – it works well, and contributes to the V being dramatically quieter in use than the GP (which I found quiet enough). The R75 shell shape remains, designed to slide with its smooth bell-like form, with no edges to grip in a tumble. It’s a generational leap over the GP.

What’s not?
The new visor release system is both well-designed and simple, but I actually preferred the clunky old ‘you’re gonna break that’ system I’ve wrestled effortlessly with for the last 22 years.


Quality rating 5/5

Value rating 4/5

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