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Product Review: HJC RPHA 10 Plus

Product Review: HJC RPHA 10 Plus £299.99 (gloss white)

Tester Tim Thompson

Time tested Six months

What's good? A good fit is the single most important consideration when buying a new helmet, and the HJC RPHA 10+ is the best-fitting helmet I've worn. Furthermore, after 30 years of wearing Arais, Shoeis, Sharks and other posh lids, it's also the most comfortable - especially with my increasingly bifocal specs on board. Unless it's very hot or raining hard (see below) I don't even notice it. That's why I wear an RPHA 10+. It's also light, quiet and, with this paintscheme designed by MCN Senior Designer Lee Laughton and executed by RichArt, looks pretty crisp too.  

What's not? Ventilation is only average. Opening the top vents makes little impact. Rain water finds its way onto inside of the visor too easily. So there's room for improvement.


Quality rating 3/5

Value rating 5/5

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