Product Review: Shark Explore-R (£299.99)

What’s good about the Shark Explore-R?

The Explore-R is brilliantly versatile. The helmet can be worn in one of four ways - visor only, visor and peak, goggles only or goggles and peak. It’s designed as a roadgoing lid, and adopts that shape, but if you fancy going off-road or trail riding, you can easily swap the visor out for the peak and goggles. The goggles click into place on the side of the lid and attach and detach easily. The peak is fastened by a screw on top and simply clicks into the same slot as the visor. Originally you couldn’t use the visor and peak together, but Shark have rectified this with a new attachment. If you bought this helmet before May 2015, then you can have the part retro-fitted by Shark or the dealer (free of charge). New models already have the mod fitted. The lid is packed with features like a concealable neck warmer to protect against the rain and an internal sun-visor. The Explore-R is practical, multi-functional, comfortable and the ideal adventure/touring hybrid lid.

And what’s not?

When using the visor and peak together, the visor only goes up three-quarters of the way, which can be rather annoying.

Time tested

10 months/3000 miles


Quality rating


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