Product Review: Kabuto Ibuki helmet

Product Review: Kabuto Ibuki helmet £359.99

Tested by Liam Marsden 

Time tested Five months/650 miles 

What’s good?
I’m not a fan of flip-front helmets or flip-down sun visors in general, but both elements are practical for petrol stations and riding during dawn and dusk or in unpredictable conditions. The Ibuki’s vents are all easy to operate with thick winter gloves and the forehead vent works especially well at circulating air around the top of your head.

What’s not?
I prefer the extra adjustability of D-rings over the Ibuki’s ratchet strap fastener. It works okay, but adjusting the strap itself to fit is awkward (although it only needs doing once). The chin curtain isn’t removable, which makes misting on my glasses a problem. And the sun visor needs to come down further.


Quality rating 3/5

Value rating 3/5