Product Review: LS2 Arrow R (£219.99)

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What’s good about the LS2 Arrow R helmet?

I threw this helmet straight in at the deep end with a 2500-mile trip over five days and, after it exerted a little pressure early on in the ride, it bedded in quickly and has remained comfortable ever since. The visor aperture is huge – 18% larger than an AGV visor, according to LS2 – and as such gives a great view of the road and surroundings. The visor locks when fully shut and takes only a few seconds to change. The Arrow R comes with an anti-mist visor insert. The chin vent works well at letting cool air in and it’s easy to operate with gloves on. This is a helmet that feels much better quality than the price tag suggests.

And what’s not?

The visor has started squeaking and creaking a little if lowered slowly and the button to unlock the visor can be a little tricky to find through thick winter gloves. Also, the anti-mist insert hasn’t sealed properly and the visor will mist. Occasionally the helmet puts a little too much pressure on my forehead, but a little repositioning sorts this. It’s a race helmet so it could be considered a little noisy for road use, especially if you’re covering big distances.

Time tested

Two months/4800 miles

Quality rating


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