Shark Speed-R Carbon Series 2 helmet review (£269.99)

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What’s good about the Shark Speed-R Carbon Series 2?

I love the look of this lid and it feels lovely and light (the carbon version weighs just 1370g). I like the internal sun visor and use it often. I also quite like it at low speeds when I have the main visor up but the internal visor down. The vents seem to work okay and I like the traditional D-ring fastening. The vents work well and are easy to operate even once on the move.

And what’s not?

I find the helmet presses on my forehead after 100 miles or so and leaves me in a bit of pain and with a red line on my bonce! I’ve tried to soften the liner with my thumbs and as I wear it more, it is getting less painful. The thumb clip that opens and shuts the visor is a little fiddly and the click down (to shut it properly) is a bit lacklustre and you’re often left wondering whether it is fully locked down or not.

Time tested

Three months/2000 miles


Quality rating


Value rating



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Andy Calton

By Andy Calton

Content director, motorcycling, and Suzuki Katana rider