RiDE review: X-Lite X-1003 Elegance

The super-slick visor opens easily with a secure two-lever pinch system. It’s light and comfortable, with a plush liner, though the chinbar is close fitting. Vision is decent, with a variable-position sun visor.

Vents are good (though the chin vent is easily knocked shut). This fibre helmet can take the N-Com Bluetooth system, though the £380 carbonfibre version can’t.


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X-Lite X-1003 Elegance

Price: £329.99

Stability:  9/10
Noise:  8/10
Interior:  8/10
Vents: 6/10
Vision: 7/10
Sun visor: 7/10
Flip action: 7/10
Finish: 9/10

Total: 61/80

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