Product Review: Arai MX-V motocross helmet (from £379)

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What’s good about the Arai MX-V motocross helmet?

While fit, weight, look and price are key when it comes to buying a new helmet, ultimately the most important single factor is its ability to protect your head in a crash. Racing in the Hafren Rally last year I tested the primary function of any helmet when I somehow managed to launch myself off the side of a Welsh mountain at 40mph. Luckily I only dropped about 20ft before stopping on a grassy ledge, but it was a crash that certainly ‘rang my bell’. I managed to continue on in the race and spent the rest of the day thankful that I had the right protective gear on. Aside from its protection qualities, the Arai fits well and with its slightly matt finish looks the business. It can be taken apart and washed and is well vented. I recently competed in the BMW GS Trophy in Thailand and while I was offered another helmet to test on the intense ride, I declined and elected to use the proven Arai. It remains my off-road helmet of choice.

And what’s not?

Compared to some helmets on the market, the Arai is heavy weighing in at 1.44KG in size XS. But it’s not heavy enough to be an issue so, for me, the weight is a reassuring quality rather than a liability.

Time tested

18 months/1500 miles


Quality rating


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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

Sports Editor, former 250-racer and adventure rider