Product Review: Bell Bullitt Carbon RSD Mojo (£399.99)

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What’s good about the Bell Bullitt Carbon RSD Mojo?

With styling based on the Bell Star 120 from the 1970s (as worn by Evel Knievel) the RSD Mojo Bullitt is a close reproduction of that model but features a modern carbon-fibre shell, detachable micro-suede lining (washable), leather trim and six-vent shell. The shell comes in three sizes so it retains the classic low-profile appearance of the early lids regardless of head size. The retro, clear bubble visor adds extra ‘retroness’ but more conservative tinted/flat visors are available. The small leather thumb tab features a magnet that attaches onto the side of the lid with a satisfying ‘click’ too.

And what’s not?

The finish isn’t what you’d expect from a £400 lid. The interior uses some nice materials but it isn’t nicely put together. The studs holding the brow of the lining are placed in an odd position near the temples and while not uncomfortable, it is irritating. On the outside the paint and carbon sections are neatly done but the gold pin-striping appears to be a tape that you can feel through the lacquer. The air vents don’t work that well either, and after removing the detachable lining it’s easy to see why. The four studs at the front sit in very small holes the shell and when they reach the lining they’re obstructed by a layer of material. I love the style of the Bullitt and really wanted it to perform well but the quality just isn’t good enough. You could do much better for under £300.

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