Product Review: Acerbis Bombshell helmet (£149.95)

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What’s good about the Acerbis Bombshell?

This Acerbis lid has seen me through hundreds of miles and days of off-roading through Death Valley in Nevada, the hottest place on earth, countless adventure bike tests, trailie group tests and off-road schools. And I still love it. It has taken its fair share of knocks too but the finish hasn’t flaked and the overall integrity of the lid has remained intact. The big mesh vent on the chin bar lets fresh air waft in to cool my face and head as it then escapes through the rear vents. The wide aperture for the goggles has enough space to let even more air creep in and soothe the cheeks. The antibacterial and removable lining is easy to take out and wash and the overall fit is all-day comfy. The longest I spent in the lid was on 10-hour day riding through a desert. The heat made it feel like sprinting in a sauna and I had no problems with the helmet at all. It’s super-light, durable and very well priced. It’s a definite winner in my book and the only full-on off-road lid I use.

And what’s not?

There’s nothing negative to say about the Acerbis lid.

Time tested

One year/6000 miles


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Andy Davidson

By Andy Davidson

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