The three faces of Guy Martin

AGV K3-SV Guy Martin £189.99

The most affordable Guy Martin replica is based on the blue and pink design he slid over his bushy bonce when he rode the revered Britten V-twin race bike. Martin, who loves nothing more than a home-brew hero, was so in awe of the late John Britten that he had this design produced to pay homage to the man who developed the race-winning machine from scratch. The K3-SV is a sports-touring lid so it has a plastic shell and a click-ratchet securing strap, but it’s got approval for road and race use and is damned good value for money at £189.99.

AGV K5 3Some £249.99

Step up a level and you get the all-new three-in-one design that combines Guy’s three main helmet paintschemes. At the front there’s the classic yellow and black combo, with a section on top of the Britten blue/pink and then the back shows his silver livery. Guy adopted this when he took his home-made turbocharged GSX-R1100 to the infamous Pikes Peak hillclimb in 2014 (and won). The extra outlay for the K5 gets you a composite-fibre shell rather than plastic and the D-ring strap fastener that’s preferred by racers.

AGV Corsa Guy Martin £599.99

The most expensive Guy replica is perhaps the most identifiable of his lids, with the yellow and black design that goes way back to the days when only motorcycling aficionados knew who he was. Skull and spanners icon and housemartin motif? Check. Mountain bike company logos in place? Check. The price looks high, but the spec of the helmet is there to back up the outlay. Lightweight composite-fibre shell, lining that can be fine-tuned for a more comfortable fit, tall visor for improved peripheral vision and genuine race-like performance all  help make this to a top-line performer.

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Tony Hoare

By Tony Hoare

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