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What’s good? The new SR2 is a development of the excellent SR1, Schuberth’s most sporting helmet to date, so there’s plenty to get excited about. I wore an SR1 for three years and particularly liked the optical purity of its visors, along with its brain-freezing vent system and slick aerodynamics. It has low wind noise and a virtual immunity to buffeting.  

The SR2 is the same, but with even more dazzling vision, by the far the purest I’ve experienced (the new visor gets an opening tang on both sides too). The SR1’s stiff vent sliders have been made chunkier and easier to open and close.

The chin vent is now either open or closed (the SR1 had three positions which were hard to fathom) and, best of all, the adjustable spoiler, which made no sense to anyone outside Schuberth’s marketing department, has been made non-adjustable. 

Fit, comfort and finish are at the same top level, as they have to be on a 600 quid lid. It’s faultless in the rain so long as the visor stays closed and l wear it (with specs) all day without thinking about it.

What’s not? I was hoping for a higher-cut aperture, to give better vision when your head is down on a sportsbike, but it’s the same as the SR1 and slightly obstructive. I’m sorry to see the rubberised finish on the underside has gone. This stopped the SR1 from sliding off the tank when you were boasting to mates about your new and hugely expensive crash helmet. Sizes come up small, so beware of that.

Quality: 5/5
Value: 4/5 

Price: £599.99


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Tim Thompson

By Tim Thompson

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