Suomy Halo review

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Time used: Five months/600 miles

What’s good? I used to really like Suomy helmets and for as long as they were being brought into the UK they were my helmet of choice – they fitted my head perfectly. So when the chance to test a new Suomy came up I took it.

The Halo is an entry level helmet with an internal sun visor – which is the best I’ve used. It’s not so close to my face that it hits my glasses or instantly fogs up, and it comes down far enough that I’m not looking through the bottom edge. The visor comes with pins for a Pinlock insert. Unfortunately, that’s it. 

What’s not? The helmet makes me feel almost claustrophobic. The visor aperture is very narrow and my nose touches the breath guard when riding. The small proportions mean my glasses mist up incredibly easy at slow speeds, to the point I have to open the visor below 30mph. The visor changing mechanism feels flimsy. I tried to remove the visor once and couldn’t get one of the side clips back on – it just kept flexing in my hand.

This is the draftiest helmet I’ve ever worn. I’ve no idea how, but wind seems to get in from somewhere and make its way to the area around me ears, making it cold and loud. As far as I can tell the vents don’t do anything.Quality: 1/5

Value: 2/5

Price: £129.99 


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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer