RiDE review: HJC FG-ST

The FG-ST feels like a high-spec lightweight lid, from the smart matt-finish paint to the smooth, non-itchy liner. The field of view is good and deep, so the seam of the Max-Vision Pinlock never gets in the way.

The dark two-position sun visor is easy to operate and covers a good area. The vents are easy to operate, but could be more effective. It’s quiet when riding slowly but gets louder, with a slight whistle at high speeds.  

Price: £179.99

Sizes: XS-XL

Shell sizes: 2

Material: Composite fibre

Weight: 1592g

Removable lining? Yes

Pinlock included? Yes

Chin strap: Double D-ring

SHARP rating: NNNN


Stablity: 8/10
Noise: 6/10
Vision: 8/10
Vents: 5/10
Lining: 8/10
Sun visor: 7/10
Finish: 8/10

Total: 50/70