RiDE Review: Shark Skwal

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The slightly square back of the Skwal doesn’t affect its stability, even at speed. It is a squeeze to get on, but it’s comfy with a pleasantly non-sweaty liner.

The field of view is deep and wide, with no interruptions from the Max-Vision Pinlock. The two-position sun visor, operated on the side of the helmet, covers a good area and is dark.

Charge the Skwal via USB and turn on yellow lights round the vents for visibility at night.  

Price: £199.99

Sizes: XS-XL

Shell sizes: 2

Material: Thermoplastic

Weight: 1606g

Removable lining? Yes

Pinlock included? Yes

Chin strap: Ratchet buckle

SHARP rating: 4*


Stablity: 8/10
Noise: 5/10
Vision: 8/10
Vents: 6/10
Lining: 6/10
Sun visor: 7/10
Finish: 8/10

Total: 48/70


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