Schuberth E1 helmet review (£599.99)

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What’s good about the Schuberth E1 helmet?

Schuberth’s new E1 helmet is based on their C3 Pro flipfront but with a different chinbar, a more off-road suitable liner and a removable peak. Subtle changes, yes, but what a massive difference they make. I’ve covered around 20,000 miles in a C3 Pro and it’s the ideal touring helmet, while the E1 is the ultimate adventure helmet. The new vents work well, allowing plenty of air in through the mouth piece. And the peak slides back when the chinbar goes up, and comes back down into position when it’s returned to the full-face position. The E1, with the peak detached, is proving to be a brilliant helmet for my 90-minute commutes and, with the peak attached, it’s ideal for trail riding. It’s incredibly comfortable and practical with an internal sun visor and it’s ready to take Schuberth’s Bluetooth communication system. The E1 is an excellent all-rounder.

And what’s not?

The peak isn’t rigidly fixed so go over 75mph and it vibrates too much. You can see the peak out of your peripheral vision and the constant movement is rather distracting. So for motorway riding I simply detach the peak and pop it in my rucksack. This is an incredibly versatile helmet and you’re getting a lot for your money, but the £600 price tag is top-dollar (it’s £60 cheaper at £539.99 in plain colours).

Time tested

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By Andy Davidson

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