Product review: Simpson Venom lid

MCN Senior Reporter Jordan Gibbons tested Simpson's Venom helmet over 3500 miles, but what did he make of it?

What’s good? Let’s get the looks out of the way, then get down to the tech. In short, the Venom looks cool. I don’t know if it’s the reference to 1980s rebellion or because it’s the helmet of The Stig but with the black visor it’s 100% badass.

The shell is Maxx-3C, a carbon, Kevlar and fibreglass composite. The result, Simpson say, is a high- strength and lightweight shell. Has it worked? Evidently, as this is the first Simpson to receive the Gold ACU sticker.

The Venom has a very wide aperture, which translates to an excellent field of vision and swapping back to my AGV felt quite narrow by comparison. The visor is Pinlock ready to keep fog at bay (but the Max Vision insert itself costs an extra £30). There’s a drop-down sun visor too.

As a cherry on the cake, the Venom has been made with comms in mind, so there are cut- outs for ear pieces as well as recesses for the wiring that meant my Sena 20S was a breeze to fit.

What’s not? The top vents can’t be closed and the ones on the chin can only be redirected internally, so lots of air is always rushing around the helmet. This means it’s noisy above 60mph and cold in winter, although if you want to save it for summer cruising neither of these things really matter. To keep things sleek there’s no tab on the visor, which can make opening it a fiddle with thick winter gloves.

Quality: ★★★★ 

Value: ★★★