Airoh GP 500 helmet is a 'one track find'

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I tested the Airoh GP 500 Sectors helmet (RRP £359.99) over four weeks, covering 2600 miles.

Here's how I got on...

What’s good?

This is an instantly comfortable lid. It’s a reassuringly snug fit, without being too tight on my head. As well as this, there is an excellent field of vision, both up and down and in your peripherals. This is even more positive when you consider the 500 comes with a nosepiece, which goes some way to restricting your field of view.

Alongside these positives, the Airoh feels extremely light, meaning less fatigue on longer journeys and greater comfort. Venting is also quite good, with vents at the chin, brow and forehead. I’ve been using this helmet with Airoh’s road-legal 50% tint visor, which offers plenty of visibility in all light conditions and really complements the lid’s look.

What’s not?

This is a track-focused helmet and it shows. Designed with performance in mind, the GP500 has sometimes been less than practical on my 110-mile daily commute.

Despite being comfortably snug, it’s very loud even with earplugs. And the catch to open the chin vent is located inside the helmet, making it difficult to open and close on the fly. 


Quality Rating: 4/5

Value Rating: 3/5

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Dan Sutherland

By Dan Sutherland

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