Shark Spartan review

I've been using the £389.99 Shark Spartan for six months now and in that time have covered 2000 miles. Here's what I think.

What’s good? The fit immediately felt good – even for a speccy rider like myself! The cooling system works well and you can really feel the breeze when the top vent is opened. Shark claim this is down to the ‘double spoiler which creates an aerodynamic trail.’ Whatever, it certainly works.

I like internal sun visors and the Spartan’s works well – filling the visor void neatly – and is easy to operate. The anti-scratch visor is really easy to take off and on and a Pinlock insert is included in the reasonable price and works well. For a mid-priced(ish) carbon-fibre lid, it looks great and works well, is light enough and is really very comfortable.

What’s not? The visor doesn’t click into place with a reassuring ‘thunk’ so sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s fully closed or not and lots of gloved handed fumbling often ensues.


Quality: 4/5
Value: 5/5