Shoei Hornet ADV review

I've spent six months using Shoei's £529.99 Hornet ADV helmet, and here are my thoughts so far.

What’s good? Like all Shoei helmets, the build quality is outstanding. Everything clicks and snaps into place like it should and the vents are easy to operate while riding. The visor is simple to change too and nothing in that mechanism feels like it will collapse in a few months’ time. Out on the road the Hornet is very quiet for an adventure helmet and even with the peak, there’s no real noise or buffeting at motorway speeds.

If you’re keen to get off-road when it’s a bit warm, you can just flip the visor up on the Hornet and drop in a pair of goggles, without actually taking the visor off. There’s ample padding inside and I’ve had a few eight-hour stints in the saddle without any discomfort, which is what this helmet is ideal for. If you’re planning a long adventure tour, with a mix of riding, then the Hornet ADV would be ideal.

What’s not? Even with the little nose piece in and a pinlock, the visor does fog up at the bottom edge. Opening all the vents up helps a little, but the helmet doesn’t get as much airflow as a similar road helmet. It’s that same lack of airflow that means it struggled to keep me cool while darting about in the sand and 40-degree heat of the Moroccan desert, but for that a dedicated off-road lid would be better.


Quality: 4/5
Value: 4/5