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Product review: HJC FG-ST Marvel - Ghost Rider

I tested this HJC FG-ST Marvel - Ghost Rider (RRP: £299.99) over three months, covering 1000 miles. Here's how I got on... 

What’s good?

I’m generally not a fan of drop down sun visors. I think they look naff and they normally sit too close to my specs, causing one or both to fog up. This isn’t the case with the FG-ST. The drop down visor sits far enough forward so fogging’s not a problem and now the days are getting shorter, I’m using it much more.

I’ve always thought HJC helmets felt much better quality than their price suggested, and that’s mostly true with this model, with a soft lining and rich (if horrible) paint. A pinlock insert is included as standard, but I’ve not had any issues with the visor fogging up without this fitted.

What’s not?

The main issue I have with this lid is that it doesn’t fit my head, but not all helmets fit all heads. As standard, the chin curtain isn’t fixed to the helmet, which makes it really drafty. This is welcome in summer, but now the weather’s getting colder, it’s not so desirable. I accidentally threw it away with the box. The brow vents work OK, letting some air through when open, but I never open them because they whistle horribly. Oh, and the paintscheme is bloody horrible.


Quality: ★★★

Value: ★★★★