Product review: HJC R-PHA 11

I tested my HJC R-PHA 11 helmet (RRP £319.99) over three months, covering 3000 miles.

Here's how I got on...

What’s good?

I loved the smooth fit and aero stability of the R-PHA 10 sports lid, and this is more of the same, only better. It feels like a classy evolution. The 11 also gets welcome extra venting in the forehead and vastly improved top vent control wheels, which are now rubberised and less fiddly. The cheek pads have emergency quick release and the comfort lining is plusher and runs cooler. Best of all, the aperture has been enlarged. The view is now all road and almost zero helmet. This R-PHA 11 has been flawlessly painted by helmet artists Rich-Art Concepts (price: £550) to a design by MCN’s talented Senior Designer Lee Laughton (bottle of wine).

What’s not good?

The shell is larger than the 10’s, meaning, annoyingly, my old visors don’t fit, and despite the extra meat on the lid it still scores poorly in the SHARP side-impact test. /