Product review: AGV Veloce S Helmet

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With seven months of wear and over 5,000 miles ridden, here's why James gives the AGV Veloce S lid a five star review.

What’s good?

The Veloce S is a beautifully finished helmet, littered with quality touches. At just shy of £400, it sits pretty much bang in the middle of AGV’s range – neither super premium nor budget friendly. This means that the Veloce S doesn’t have some of the features found on more expensive race or touring lids, however, does have an exceptionally nice finish.

Everything on it works and works well. It fits me well, with a mixed carbon, aramid and fibreglass construction, it is also extremely light and all-day comfortable.

I also like how AGV place the visor opening catch in the centre of the helmet. It’s a simple thing, but it means that if I’m stopped at the lights, I can lift the visor with my right hand while my left controls the clutch, with no need to use both to prize it open. There’s also a good field of vision and a Pinlock insert.

What’s not?

It isn’t the quietest helmet I’ve used, but I ride with ear plugs so it isn’t really an issue. Besides that, the biggest problem I’ve had with this helmet is me! I put it down on the ground once and had to chase it like an idiot when the wind caught it, resulting in it bouncing and rolling up the road like a misshapen football. Both the shell and visor were scratched in the incident, so make sure you are more careful with yours.

Price £399.99
Quality 5/5
Value 5/5

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