Leathers review: Crowtree two-piece leathers

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Crowtree two-piece leathers £800
Miles covered/time:
20,000/7 years

What's good? I crashed three times in my fully-armoured Crowtrees then left them in a barn for five years.

Then I took them out again and I've used them every day since. They're as supple, comfortable and fortress-like as I ever remember.

Crowtree use nylon twice as thick as the industry standard for their stitching, which is part of the key to their strength and longevity.

The other thing is the leather - I run my fingers over the hide on much fancier brand's leathers in the office and can't quite believe how light and inferior they feel.

What's not? Some say my late-90s bespoke design is dated. I couldn't give a stuff. They're perfect.

Contact: 01507-602099
Rating: 5/5

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Guy Procter

By Guy Procter